For over 25 years, Quality Builders has been making dream homes a reality, enhancing the lives of hundreds of New Mexicans with quality craftsmanship, superlative design, and stunning architecture. In our mission to build beautiful, energy-efficient homes, we’ve developed a unique building process that focuses on reducing waste, conserving resources, and promoting renewable energy. The result is a beautifully built home that helps individuals lead cleaner, greener lives, and ultimately, betters our world as a whole.

Beyond eco-conscious building, Quality Builders is also dedicated to building homes that are unique to each family, with design features and details that reflect their personality and lifestyle. Our biggest inspiration is you, and we’re here to ensure that your home will be brought to life just as you imagined it!

Above all, we remain committed to quality. It’s more than just a part of our name, it’s the foundation of everything we do and the foundation which your home is built upon.

If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality with green building techniques, customized features, and quality craftsmanship, trust the builders New Mexico has trusted for over 25 years—Quality Builders!

Our Founder

As the child of a former Master Gunnery Seargent in the US Marine corp, Mike lived and traveled all over the world, from the Hawaiian islands to the beaches in Okinawa, Japan. Eventually settling in New Mexico in 1991, Mike has come to love the beauty of the Southwest, almost as much as he loves building—almost!

Lincoln Logs, LEGO®, wood boards—you name it and young Mike was building something out of it. As he matured, so did his projects, and at around eight years old, he completed his first fort. Fast forward to the summer of his junior year in high school, Mike began working for a custom home builder. At this point is where his attention to detail was noticed and he was encouraged to grow his talents. He worked his way up to becoming a foreman and grew to oversee many framing crews and eventually joined forces with Janes Corp, a large commercial contractor, where he learned and perfected his skills as a concrete apprentice then delving into commercial carpentry. Mike realized his passion was for home building and in 1996, at only 22 years old, started a small framing company—now known as Quality Builders.

24 years later, Mike and Quality Builders have grown substantially, attributing success to hard work and dedication. From design and scheduling to managing and overseeing various positions, Mike takes on many roles within his company as President. His favorite, however, is being part of bringing a client’s ideas, visions, and dreams to life! Additionally, Mike is honored to have clients trust his team with one of their biggest investment and values the relationships he builds with them and their families.

When he’s not building, he’s outdoors, enjoying everything from biking and golfing to hunting, fishing, and traveling.

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Photo Credit: Faith Harshe